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Coding scheme

Social interactions are annotated using a dedicated annotation tool. The following annotations are made, for each child:

Coding scheme

Commonly observed social dynamics are mapped to these constructs. For instance, a sequence during which a child appears to be bored is annotated as passive; an annoyed child would be frustrated, and the child being annoying can be labelled as exhibiting an adversarial behaviour.

Other example include: a gentle hand grabbing would be assertive vs a not-so-gentle hand grabbing that would be adversarial; manipulative or bossy behaviours are labelled as assertive; when children laugh together, they exhibit a pro-social attitude, etc.

We detail hereafter the exact meaning of these categories.

Task Engagement

Construct Details
goal-oriented purposeful play, implicit action planning, structured play
aimless unstructured play, silly play
adult seeking ask question, seek approval
no play does not perform any obvious activity

Note that structured play might or might no be be on topic: a structured activity unrelated to the offered touchscreen/drawing activity should still be labelled as goal-oriented.

Social Engagement

Construct Details
solitary play  
onlooker child looking at the other for a prolongated period of time, without engaging
parallel play  
associative play  
cooperative play  

Social attitude

Construct Details